24 May 2020

Meet Our Exhibitors Online

Join Zoom Ikebana Dojo and learn Ikebana with us. Meet our exhibitors of Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival. 


21 April 2020

Wa 2020 Update: 20 April 2020

Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival, 19 & 20 September 2020 

Due to the current health concern, we may have to change some aspects of our event. However, in the meantime, we are preparing as much as we can.

Please join our exhibition! All ikebana schools welcome.
Wa, an international ikebana festival, will be bigger and better this year with more new exciting events. 

Wa can promote ikebana most effectively and consequently it will provide our ikebana teachers with more professional opportunities. Wa also provides our teachers with opportunities to challenge and to develop as international ikebana artists. 

Some of highlights this year are: 
Ikebana Dinner Show, Renka with Mozart: Group Ikebana Performance with Orchestra 21, and Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky.    

1. Please follow Wa & help promote Wa
Register your email to receive the latest news at https://waikebana.blogspot.com/

2 Volunteers Wanted
We need many volunteers toward the Wa 2020. Please send an email to apply. wa.ikebana@gmail.com

3. Application Opened for Exhibitors 
Application from interstate & international exhibitors has been suspended until further notice 

All ikebana teachers including local teachers - please apply through our online application now. We need your details soon. Local teachers can pay your fee later. Local students can apply through their teachers after June 2020.

4. Renka Performers Wanted
Would you like to perform at the Rena with Mozart? This is the first Renka with live orchestra in the Australian history of ikebana (arguably in the history of ikebana). Now only 1 position left.       

Performers will be paid a small amount, if we sold more than 30 tickets, which is very likely! More importantly you will be a part of ikebana history in an international cultural festival.        
Details will be announced in class. All selected applicants have to attend special trainings including full day workshops.https://waikebana.blogspot.com/2020/01/news-ikebana-orchestra.html

5. More New Additions
1. There will be dinner that all exhibitors can join on 19 September.
2. We will renew our logo.
3. Poster exhibition project: All ikebana schools represented in Wa will be introduced in beautiful posters.


11 April 2020

Daily Meditation: Stay Home

Stay Home. Stronger Together.


06 April 2020

Mission Statement - Revised

Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 

Harmony (wa) through flowers - for society and the environment. 
People around the world experiencing, enjoying, understanding and appreciating ikebana individually and together. 

To increase community understanding, enjoyment and participation in ikebana by promoting the benefits of ikebana as
  1. an ancient and highly-respected cultural activity originating in Japan
  2. a creative and enjoyable art form for anyone to practice or view
  3. a meditative and therapeutic activity 
  4. a way to change attitudes - to live harmoniously with nature rather than regard it just as a resource
  5. a way to have a positive influence on others and on the earth.  

  • The number of people viewing, learning and practicing ikebana will increase
  • Ikebana teachers and students (local, interstate and overseas) will have increased, affordable and easily accessed opportunities to exhibit, demonstrate, discuss and teach their art
  • the wider community will have regular and increasing opportunities to engage with ikebana in a range of ways

Values and behaviours
Wa committee members, staff and volunteers are from a range of ikebana schools, experience and backgrounds. We value the following behaviours and strive to act in accordance with them.
  • Kindness and consideration for each other, respecting our personal qualities, similarities and differences 
  • Respect for each other’s practice of ikebana, with due regard for each school of ikebana 
  • Communicate in an open, accurate and straightforward way using appropriate language
  • Think innovatively about how to best use limited resources to come up with new ways to support Wa activities and genuinely consider all ideas presented
  • Work creatively, managing large or small projects autonomously, taking responsibility for active and creative decision-making wherever appropriate. 
  • Support each other and our activities, providing mentorship and expertise in a creative, sensitive and helpful manner. 
  • Contribute to the achievement of Wa’s goals to the best of our ability, having respect and consideration for other people’s priorities 

02 April 2020

Daily Meditation


01 April 2020

Stay Home

The Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival Committee sincerely hopes that you and your family are in good health and strong in spirit. 


18 March 2020

New in 2020

Another new project in the Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2020.

Our poster project is to introduce all ikebana schools represented at our exhibition.

This will help our visitors understand ikebana better.
The posters with contact details of each school will help each school promote effectively.


12 March 2020

Projects by Shoan & Shoso

1. 25 - 29 March 2020: Melbourne Flower Show. They will create displays under "Melbourne Ikebana Festival" at Shop Window Competition. http://melbflowershow.com.au/

2. June 2020: Sculpture Commission

3. 12 September 2020: Ikebana Dinner Show, Quaff Restaurant, Toorak. https://waikebana.blogspot.com/p/program.html


10 March 2020

Publication by Wa Exhibitors

Publication Opportunities

1. Following essays by Wa 2019 exhibitors were accepted for the International Journal of Ikebana Studies, Vol.6. Congratulations!

Teaching Ikebana in Australia
Christopher James

Ikebana Workshops for Kids: Findings on Conducting Ikebana Workshops for Young Children
Shoan Lo

Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival: Welcoming Exhibitors from All over the World
Shoto Duke, Shoan Lo and Sue Healey

The International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS) is published by International Society of Ikebana Studies (ISIS), and will be available at Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2020.

3. Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival will host a regular conference of ISIS on 19 September 2020. Wa is calling for papers.


06 March 2020

Our exhibitors at Melbourne Flower Show

25 - 29 March 2020: Melbourne Flower Show, 2020. See ikebana works by Shoan Lo & Shoso Shimbo. They will create displays under "Melbourne Ikebana Festival" at Shop Window Competition sections of the show. http://melbflowershow.com.au/

18 February 2020

Ikebana Dinner Show - Flyer Ver.01

We will post several flyers. Which do you like best?

13 February 2020

What's On - Orchestra 21

Enjoy great concerts by Orchestra 21

A. European Odyssey
Sunday 29 March 2020, 4:00pm
Church of All Nations
180 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Group Ikebana Performance in Collaboration with Orchestra 21

4pm - 5pm, Saturday 19 September 2020
Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent
Fee: $25 for seat / Gold coin donation for standing
Bookings open in May 2020
Six ikebana artists will present a renka performance to the music of Mozart performed by Orchestra 21. Renka is a type of ikebana performance in which a group of artists collaborate in the creation of a harmonious work of art. Hiroshi Teshigahara first proposed the concept of Renka in the 1990’s. A number of ikebana artists take turns to add to a site. They collectively immerse themselves in the process of creation as inspiration flows from one member to the next, with each member of the group building on the ideas of the previous artist. A dynamic harmony emerges spontaneously in the work, although the artists have not previously planned the final product. 

Please note:
a. The number of tickets for Renka is limited. 
b. If you could not obtain a ticket online, you may watch the performance standing (no seat available on the day) with gold coin donation. You can stand and watch only in certain areas of the auditorium. Please follow advice from our floor managing staff. Your safety is our first priority. 

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Application Opened - 出展受付開始

https://youtu.be/v9NH62S-dMw Application Guide - English 日本語案内

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