Ikebana in Melbourne

More and more businesses, organizations, and events choose Ikebana for their effective displays in Melbourne. We hope Melbourne is becoming a city of Ikebana. If you would like to add in this list, please send an email to wa.ikebana@gmail.com.
If you are looking for an Ikebana specialist, go to our list of Ikebana teachers.

Regular Ikebana Display

Hanabishi Japanese Restaurant
187 King St, Melbourne
Ikebana by Shoso Shimbo

Parkside Plastic Surgery
1/168 Gipps St, East Melbourne
Ikebana by Shoso Shimbo

Saint Dreux
Level 2, 260 Collins St
Melbourne Vic 3000
Ikebana by Shoso Shimbo

Semi-Regular Ikebana Display

Koko Japanese Restaurant
Crown Hotel, Southbank
Ikebana by Shoso Shimbo

Supernormal Canteen
Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Ikebana by Shoso Shimbo

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