02 January 2020

News: Ikebana & Orchestra

Orchestra 21, Melbourne's most exciting orchestra is joining Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival!

Six ikebana artists will present a Renka performance with Mozart’s pieces performed by Orchestra 21. Renka is a type of ikebana performance to create a harmonious group work proposed by Hiroshi Teshigahara in 1990’s. A number of ikebana artists take turn to complete a floral work. They collectively immerse in a feeling of energised focus in the process of creation, achieving a state of flow. Dynamic harmony is expected to emerge spontaneously in the work, although no consultation will be made previously among the artists.

This is the first Renka performance with an orchestra in the Australian history of ikebana. 

When: 4 - 5pm, Saturday 19 September 2020.
Where: Rosina, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne Australia

Details will be announced shortly.   

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