28 June 2019

Book Ikebana Events Soon

1 July 2019: Booking is open for Artists Talk and Ikebana Demonstration at Wa. https://waikebana.blogspot.com/p/program.html

Please note that booking is required for all the programs except exhibition. Please don’t assume that exhibitors will have free access to all the programs. Visit programs page for the details. 

21 June 2019

Wa Ikebana Festival Venue Abbotsford Convent Rosina Auditorium


17 June 2019

Melbourne Ikebana Festival Update

Ikebana Performance with the Grigoryan Brothers (Melbourne Recital Centre): Over 50% of tickets sold. http://bit.ly/IkebanaGrigoryan

Ikebana Workshops (Adults & Kids class): Booking sites are ready!
http://bit.ly/IkebanaConvent Kids Class http://bit.ly/IkebanaConventKids

Ikebana Demonstration & Artists Talk: Please book from 1 July 2019.

Would you like to exhibit your ikebana work at Melbourne Ikebana Festival?
Application will close on 30 June 2019. https://waikebana.blogspot.com/p/exhibitor.html


16 June 2019

Please Don't Forget to Book

Booking is required for all the programs except exhibition. We accept booking for Artists talk & Ikebana Demonstration from 1 July 2019.
Please go to program page: https://waikebana.blogspot.com/p/program.html


Our Exhibitor: Shoso Shimbo

Shoso Shimbo PhD is an artist with over 30 years experience in Ikebana. He was selected as one of “Australia’s top floral designers” (Belle) and has won multiple awards including the Gold Award at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. He is the Arnold Bloch Leiber Prize winner at the Yering Station Sculpture 2017. His recent commissions include a public work of art for the Archibald Award Exhibition 2015 and the Wye River Project 2016.

Shoso is a directer of International Society of Ikebana Studies, Ikebana Gallery Award and he teaches Japanese Aesthetics at RMIT Short Courses. He is the Secretary-General of Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019. He presents Ikebana performance with the Grigoryan Brothers at Melbourne Recital Centre as part of Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019.

Shoso has an MA in Japanese Studies, a Master of Fine Art and PhD in Education.

< Solo Exhibition>
2013 Distilling Nature: Master of Fine Art Project, MADA Project Gallery, Monash University

<Ikebana Exhibition>
2018 Wa: Ikebana Exhibition (since 2015)
2014 Ikebana Exhibition - Shoso Shimbo Group (since 2009)

<Curated Group Exhibition (Selected)>
2018 Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition
2018 Lorne Sculpture
2017 Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition
2016 Lorne Sculpture
2014 Lorne Sculpture
2013 Twenty Five Sculptures at the World Trade Centre, The WTC Gallery
2013 Deakin University Small Contemporary Sculpture Award Finalists Exhibition
2012 Annual Sculpture Exhibition, Toyota Community Spirit Gallery (since 2010)
2012 Glen Eira Artists' Exhibition, Glen Eira City Council Gallery
2012 Lorne Sculpture

<Commissioned Works / Special Displays (Selected)>
2018 Biennale of Australian Art (BOAA)
2016 Wye River Project, Lorne Sculpture
2015 Public Artwork for Archibald Award Exhibition, Ballarat Art Gallery
2014 Light On / Light Off, Upper West Side, Melbourne
2013 Christmas installation for the City of Ballarat
2012 New Wave Art Festival, National Gallery of Victoria
2005 Melbourne Fashion Festival, Mural Hall & Shop windows, Myer, City

<Award (Selected)>
2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Silver Award in Shop Window Display Competition
2017 The Arnold Bloch Leiber Prize at the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition
2006 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (Gold Award)

<Publication (Selected)>
2016 Environmental Art and Ikebana, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), 4, pp. 27-38.
2015 Flowers in Contemporary Art, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), 3, pp.11-19.
2015 Ikebana to Contemporary Art: Rosalie Gascoigne, The IAFOR Academic Review, Vol.1, Issue 2, pp.16-20.   
2014 Ikebana in English: Bibliographical Essay, International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS), 2, pp.99-107.
2013 Hiroshi Teshigahara in the Expanded Field of Ikebana, The International Journal of Ikebana Studies, 1, p.31-52.

<Conference Papers (Selected)>                                                               
2018 Creativity & Education: Environmental Art as a Vehicle of Message. Central de Studii European, Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, April 17, Iasi, Romania.
2018 Environmental Art as Public Art. Creating Utopia Conference 2018 Sponsored by Deakin University, Lorne Sculpture Biennale, 22-25th March, Qdos Arts Lorne.
2018 Japanese Aesthetics and Environmental Art. The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. March 30 - April 1, Kobe Japan.
2017 Transition of Environmental Art: In Search of the Strategies for Sustainability. The Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities, The International Academic Forum. March 30 - April 2, Kobe, Japan.
2015 Power in the Discourse of Art: Ephemeral Arts as Counter-monuments and Beyond, The Sixth Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities. The International Academic Forum. April 2-4, Osaka, Japan.
2013 Ikebana to Contemporary Art: Cross Cultural Transformation in Rosalie Gascoigne, The Asian Conference on Cultural Studies. The International Academic Forum. May 24-26, Osaka, Japan.

Instagram: shoso_shimbo


11 June 2019

Our Curator: Rachel Iampolski

We are pleased to introduce our curator, Rachel Iampolski.

Rachel Iampolski is a creative producer, arts administrator and urban researcher based in Melbourne. She has Masters of Arts and Cultural Management from University of Melbourne, and is current PhD candidate at the Centre for Urban Research in RMIT exploring the intangible cultural heritage of public urban spaces. She has worked across various arts and community festivals, as well as an independent producer with a creative practice that is mainly focused around place-making and spatial interventions.

Our Exhibitor: Shoan Lo

Shoan is an ikebana artist and certified Sogetsu ikebana teacher who is currently working towards the Teacher's Diploma Second grade. She conducts regular workshops and weekly classes teaching Sogetsu Ikebana style.

With a background in architecture, she has ikebana training under the guidance of Dr Shoso Shimbo since 2005. Being conscious about promoting ikebana, she assisted Dr Shoso Shimbo in founding the "Ikebana Gallery" and continue to be the Associate Director of its Ikebana Award Committee. 

In the last ten years she has partaken in many public exhibitions and competitions, which includes the annual Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Her large-sized weekly display can been seen at the North Balwyn Baptist Church.

Further information about Shoan’s classes and workshops can be found at http://www.shoanlo.net
You can catch her most updated news on Instagram @shoanlo or on Facebook @Loikebana

06 June 2019

Our Exhibitor: Shokai Ikebana

Pulcheria (Shokai) started teaching as a sogetsu ikebana artist in 2019.  Her ‘Early Summer’ arrangement received a Gold Award from the Ikebana Gallery in 2018.  Shokai is on Instagram and Facebook @shokai.ikebana .


05 June 2019

Our Flyers Arrived

Dear All of Our Exhibitors

It's a time to promote our Ikebana Festival in Melbourne.
Please help disseminate our beautiful flyers!
Thank you.

Ikebana Performance at Wa

30% of tickets sold.
Wa: Ikebana Performance with the Grigoryan Brothers,
Melbourne Ikebana Festival
31 August 2019, Melbourne Recital Centre
Booking: http://bit.ly/IkebanaGrigoryan

International Journal of Ikebana Studies

International Journal of Ikebana Studies (IJIS) will be available at Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival. 
Save postage!

International Society of Ikebana Studies is looking for ikebana essays for their next issue.
Details: https://ikebanastudies.wordpress.com/   


01 June 2019

Book Ikebana Workshops

Our booking site is ready. Please book early. Our workshops were sold out several weeks prior to the event last year.

Workshops will be conducted by Ichiyo School on 31 August & by Shoso Group on 1 September.  
Shoso Group offers A: Moribana style and B: Nageire style ( a bit advanced style) workshops. You can choose to do either A or B, or both. 

Each workshop is 50 min. and costs $35 if booked online. $50 at the door. All materials provided. 

Booking: http://bit.ly/IkebanaConvent


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