18 February 2020

Ikebana Dinner Show - Flyer Ver.01

We will post several flyers. Which do you like best?

13 February 2020

What's On - Orchestra 21

Enjoy great concerts by Orchestra 21

A. European Odyssey
Sunday 29 March 2020, 4:00pm
Church of All Nations
180 Palmerston Street, Carlton

Group Ikebana Performance in Collaboration with Orchestra 21

4pm - 5pm, Saturday 19 September 2020
Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent
Fee: $25 for seat / Gold coin donation for standing
Bookings open in May 2020
Six ikebana artists will present a renka performance to the music of Mozart performed by Orchestra 21. Renka is a type of ikebana performance in which a group of artists collaborate in the creation of a harmonious work of art. Hiroshi Teshigahara first proposed the concept of Renka in the 1990’s. A number of ikebana artists take turns to add to a site. They collectively immerse themselves in the process of creation as inspiration flows from one member to the next, with each member of the group building on the ideas of the previous artist. A dynamic harmony emerges spontaneously in the work, although the artists have not previously planned the final product. 

Please note:
a. The number of tickets for Renka is limited. 
b. If you could not obtain a ticket online, you may watch the performance standing (no seat available on the day) with gold coin donation. You can stand and watch only in certain areas of the auditorium. Please follow advice from our floor managing staff. Your safety is our first priority. 

12 February 2020

ウィキペディア掲載:Wa in Wikipedia


Melbourne Ikebana Festival. Join our exhibition in September 2020.

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky
Ikebana Performance with Orchestra 21
Ikebana Dinner Show by Shoso Shimbo and Shoan Lo.
and many more... 

Image: At Hanabishi Restaurant, Melbourne


07 February 2020





1、メルボルン生け花フェスティバル活動レポート (成功事例並びに改善が必要な点などを分析)

2、当方のウェブサイトやSNSなどで、貴方のイベントを紹介します。当方のfacebook ページへの貴方のイベント関連ポストを歓迎します。https://www.facebook.com/wa.ikebana/








2020年度 和・メルボルン生け花フェスティバル代表

06 February 2020

Companion Ikebana Event Wanted

Companion Ikebana Event Wanted 
The International Network of Ikebana Events

Are you involved with a public ikebana event or exhibition? Would you like to join an international network of ikebana events to further promote your ikebana event?

Melbourne Ikebana Festival is a new and innovative international ikebana festival with a number of international exhibitors and visitors. Melbourne Ikebana Festival is looking for companion events to network with, share ideas, collaborate on marketing and increase awareness of ikebana around the world. Your event has to have a minimum of 500 visitors.

As an organiser of a companion event, you will receive at no cost:

1. A report of Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019 discussing our successes and areas for improvement that we have identified, as well as future Wa festival reports

2. Promotion of your event on our website and marketing media. We welcome your event related posts on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/wa.ikebana/

3. Promotion of your event among our exhibitors and visitors throughout our event

4. Contact with other festival organisers around the world.

What we ask in return:

1. Promotion of our event and other events in the network among your members

2. Promotion of our event other events in the network in your website and other marketing media

3. Ideas and learnings from your event to help make ikebana festivals and events even better.



04 February 2020

Welcoming Our New Team Member

We are excited to announce that Ms Yuki Matsuoka has joined our team as a marketing manager in Japan. Ms Matusoka is an experienced digital marketing specialist in a consulting company in Tokyo. She is also an ikebana artist in Sesshu School and she is going to exhibit her work at Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2020. We are all looking forward to seeing her in September.



23 January 2020

Site Inspection for Ikebana Dinner Show

We found that Quaff Restaurant is a great venue for our Ikebana Dinner Show.

Ikebana Dinner Show - New
7pm - 10pm, Saturday 12 September 2020
Quaff Restaurant, 436 Toorak Rd, Toorak, Melbourne
Bookings open in May 2020.
Watch elegant ikebana creations by artists Shoso Shimbo and Shoan Lo unfold before your eyes as you enjoy a three course meal at one of Melbourne's finest restaurants. Canapes on arrival and drinks are included.


22 January 2020

Wa 2020 Update: 23 Jan 2020

Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 
Please join our exhibition! All ikebana schools welcome.
Wa, an international ikebana festival, will be bigger and better this year with more new exciting events. 

Wa can promote ikebana most effectively and consequently it will help provide our ikebana teachers with more professional opportunities. Wa also provides our teachers & students with opportunities to challenge and to develop as international ikebana artists. 

Some of highlights this year are: 
Ikebana Dinner Show, Renka with Mozart: Group Ikebana Performance with Orchestra 21, and Ikebana Performance with Paul Grabowsky.    

Our Committee has been formed as follow: Director - Shoso Shimbo, Secretary - Nobuko Kobayashi, Treasury - Angeline Lo, Project Managers - Aileen Duke, Angeline Lo & Katrina (TBC), Site Manager - Sue Healey & Curator - Kaye Wong  

1. Please follow Wa & help promote Wa
Register your email at https://waikebana.blogspot.com/

2 Volunteers Wanted
We need many volunteers toward the Wa 2020. Following positions are available at the moment. Please send an email to apply. wa.ikebana@gmail.com
a: Public Relation Manager - Create database/lists of our participants. Support our secretary & project managers.   
b: Assistant Site Manager - Support our site manager. 
c: Marketing Manager / Media Strategist - Create our marketing plan & help promotion.

3. Application Opened for Exhibitors
We already have an international exhibitor from Japan. 
All ikebana teachers including local teachers - please apply through our online application now. We need your details soon. Local teachers can pay your fee later. Local students can apply through their teachers after June 2020.

4. Renka Performers Wanted
Would you like to perform at the Rena with Mozart? This is the first Renka with live orchestra in the Australian history of ikebana (arguably first in the history of ikebana). 

Performers will be paid a small amount, if we sold more than 30 tickets, which is very likely! More importantly you will be a part of ikebana history in an international cultural festival.        
Details will be announced in Shoso's class. All selected applicants have to attend special trainings including full day workshops.    


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