06 February 2020

Companion Ikebana Event Wanted

Companion Ikebana Event Wanted 
The International Network of Ikebana Events

Are you involved with a public ikebana event or exhibition? Would you like to join an international network of ikebana events to further promote your ikebana event?

Melbourne Ikebana Festival is a new and innovative international ikebana festival with a number of international exhibitors and visitors. Melbourne Ikebana Festival is looking for companion events to network with, share ideas, collaborate on marketing and increase awareness of ikebana around the world. Your event has to have a minimum of 500 visitors.

As an organiser of a companion event, you will receive at no cost:

1. A report of Wa Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019 discussing our successes and areas for improvement that we have identified, as well as future Wa festival reports

2. Promotion of your event on our website and marketing media. We welcome your event related posts on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/wa.ikebana/

3. Promotion of your event among our exhibitors and visitors throughout our event

4. Contact with other festival organisers around the world.

What we ask in return:

1. Promotion of our event and other events in the network among your members

2. Promotion of our event other events in the network in your website and other marketing media

3. Ideas and learnings from your event to help make ikebana festivals and events even better.



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