15 January 2020

Ikebana Teachers at Wa 2019

Ikebana Teachers at Wa in 2019

Thank you for exhibiting your work at Wa: Melbourne Ikebana Festival 2019. We hope to see you work again in the Wa 2020.

Risa Yosimoto (Hiroshima, Sogetsu School)
Soyo Kagawa (Tokyo, Ichiyo School)

Naomi Cullen (Yarraville, Ichiyo School)
Kaye Wong (Kew, Ichiyo School)
Kim Louey (Hawthorn, Ichiyo School)
Nobuko Kobayashi (St. Kilda, Ichiyo School)
Shoso Shimbo (Murrumbeena, Sogetsu School)
Shoan Lo (Balwyn North, Sogetsu School)
Shoto Duke (Mornington Peninsula, Sogetsu School)
Shokai Ikebana (Sogetsu School)
Lara Telford (Sassafras, Sogetsu School)
Akemi Suzuki (Mulgrave, Sogetsu School)
Toko Tazawa (Malvern, Sogetsu School)

Sandra Marker (South Turramurra, Sogetsu School)
Alexander Evans (Murrumbateman, Sogetsu School)

* Please note that not all teachers exhibiting at Wa are listed here. The listed teachers are those who allowed us to publish their contact details in our websites in their application. If you are exhibiting at Wa and would like to be listed here, please send an email to wa.ikebana@gmail.com. 
It is this page that we encourage our exhibition visitors to look at for further information.


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